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Bariatric surgery before and after pictures

“… I never thought of losing more than 30lbs. Its not only a physical change, it is my self-esteem, my health and emotionally I am a new person. Thank you Dr. Lalezari for supporting me, motivating me and being aware of my process and my health day by day. Last week I reached my goal of 140lbs. Thank you!!!! You’re the Best”


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“The staff was very friendly and professional, the office was clean and I was more than happy with my results. I will be going back for more lip filler and botox. Great experience with him.”

– B.K.

“Dr. Lalezari is an amazing surgeon. Diagnosed my inguinal hernia and never made me jump through hoops to get my surgery done. His staff was wonderful and very responsive. Leading up to my operation he was always available and willing to talk to me about my concerns. I also had an umbilical hernia that he fixed for me at the same time as my groin hernia. He was the only surgeon I found in downtown that performs these hernia surgeries laparoscopically via minimally invasive techniques. My recovery was a breeze and I was back to work a few days after surgery. I never even took any pain medicine. So happy with Dr. Lalezari and highly recommend him.”


“I was suffering with horrible reflux for years. It came to the point where I felt my life was ruled by my GERD. I couldn’t eat anything past 6pm, I gave up the foods and spice I loved, no chocolate, no caffeine but I still had constant, unrelenting stomach acid and reflux. I tried all the medications my doctor prescribed and had numerous endoscopes. The only abnormality was a hiatal hernia.

I’m so grateful I found Dr. Lalezari. He’s an amazing surgeon and is trained in all the newest surgical techniques. I had a long discussion with him about laparoscopic hiatal hernia repair with either LINX or nissen fundoplication. He really took the time to explain everything to me and make sure I understood the risks and benefits of either anti-reflux surgery. I had surgery with him, I was out of the hospital by the next day and never felt better.

I feel like I have my life back and am able to enjoy all the foods I love without worrying about the pain and misery of acid reflux. Dr. Lalezari is the best surgeon and I highly recommend him!”

– A.G.

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